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Monday, April 15, 2013

Paint Me

My daughter and I have become obsessed with nail designs lately.  Obsessed!!!  There are so many cute ideas out there from gel nails to decals to just fun designs using a toothpick.  I've only been doing my fingernails because I get monthly pedicures.  However, Kaitlyn has really been enjoying me painting her nails and I am all for it!

Here are some of our faves:

We recently tried our hand (no pun intended) at some designs ourselves.

Blue with pink polka dots



Black and red

Once we pick a design we like, the table usually looks like this:

It's a lot of fun and all about practice.  My lines aren't perfectly straight and my dots aren't always perfect circles.  I don't like to spend lots of money for one polish so I usually buy NYC brand polish or whatever is on sale or I have a coupon to use.

For more fun nail ideas, check out my Paint Me board on Pinterest.  Painted nails is the simplest accessory to any outfit!

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  1. Chris and Dori's youngest (Haven) is doing this, too! She painted all our nails at Thanksgiving! It was so much fun!


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