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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New Series

I've been contemplating on starting a new series for awhile.  The time has come to put my thoughts into action and bring to you:

See. Learn. Play. is a new series, launching on Friday, based on my experience teaching music and chapel lessons to preschoolers.  I have spent many hours reading books, searching the internet, and seeking the advice of other professionals, trying to find the best way to make a song more fun and exciting or make a story come to life.

So many times I will play a song with great lyrics and a great message and the kids will be bored out of their minds.  Or I'll tell a very important Bible story that I want the kids to carry in their minds and hearts and they could care less.  Why?  Because I didn't make it interesting enough.  I didn't make it fun enough. I didn't make it interactive enough.

Kids love to have fun.  Kids need to use their energy and kids want to be a part.  Whether it is a song, nursery rhyme, poem, or Bible story, kids need to be involved.  When we use a hands on approach, the kids will remember what they participated in.  They won't remember everything you said while they were made to just sit there and stare at you.

In this new series, I will share my ideas and experiences and provide links to my most useful resources.  Hope you follow along!

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