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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ribbon and Felt Bookmarks

Recently the kids had a school holiday. My daughter wanted to make some sort of craft. After searching for ideas in books and the internet, we settled on making our own bookmarks made of ribbon and felt. We already had all the supplies, so we were ready to go.
We didn't have any pre-cut felt shapes, so my daughter suggested using a cookie cutter! Genius!!!

When my children make their own crafts, I try not to get too involved and let their own creative juices flow. It's so cute to see what they come up with, even if their shapes aren't perfect or their cutting is a little off. That's what makes it unique.

Next, cut a 12" piece of ribbon.

Glue the ribbon to the back of the felt shape. I just used tacky glue so it would be more kid friendly than hot glue.

Then, decorate your felt shape as desired.

For the top of the bookmark, fold back about 1" of the ribbon and glue.

You can embellish this part as well. My daughter chose a coordinating pink gem.

And that's it!!!
Use your imagination, use your cookie cutters, and use the supplies you already have.

So, have you read any good books lately?

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