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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Tablescape

Easter is over and I have 2 months until I decorate for Memorial Day.  So, I had to figure out a Spring tablescape for my formal dining room table.  I have a gorgeous solid black 8 ft. table and needed something that would stand out and say "Welcome Spring".

I purchased 3 yds. of burlap at Hobby Lobby.  I never used burlap before and really liked the color and texture against my table.  I trimmed it down to about 6 ft. and cut in half lengthwise to make it a runner.  It was pretty wrinkled so I lightly ironed it.  It didn't get everything out, but it helped.  

I have lots of milk glass dishes and pulled out some matching pieces.  But the table still needed more color.

I made another trip back to Hobby Lobby (on a different day) and found some colorful flowers that were actually on clearance!

I snipped off most of the stems.

Then, I cut down a styrofoam block to fit into the dishes.

I poked the flowers into the styrofoam until just the petals were sticking out.  I also pulled a few green leaves off the leftover stems and stuck them into the styrofoam as well.

And my Spring table is complete. Simple, yet colorful.

I may go back and iron out some more wrinkles and even do a stenciled design.  For now, I love the way it looks and it was so easy to put together. Welcome, Spring!

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