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Monday, June 30, 2014

What's Your Favorite?: Mugs

I've decided to start a new series called "What's Your Favorite?".  I'm simply going to share some of my favorite decor, items, colors, etc. to try to inspire you to find some of your favorites too.  

I love coffee.  LOVE IT!  It's nice to drink in the morning, relaxing at night, warms the soul during rainy afternoons and cold evenings.  But to fully enjoy the soothing concoction, you need just the right mug.

Personal Collection:
Here are my favorite mugs from my own cabinet.

This was given to my by some awesome friends.  I fell in love with the polka dots and it quickly became a favorite! 

This Be Our Guest mug was a souvenir from a gift shop in Disneyland.  

I bought this Queen of Hearts mug on clearance at a Disney Store a few years ago.  I love the color scheme and design.

Music Mugs:
Being a musician, I love just about anything associated with music.

                     Source                                                            Source

Less Is More:
Sometimes a simple design or phrase attracts the eye.

                          Source                                                                Source


So Sweet:
If you have a sweet tooth, these mugs are for you!

                   Source                                                                              Source

I think after my personal collection, my favorite of all of these are the cupcake mugs.  But, of course, they are all cute.  Follow my Mug Me board to see more mugs that I love.  So now I have to ask...

What's your favorite mug?

All opinions are my own.  I was not endorsed by any of these companies.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Fun List

School is out and the celebration of summer has officially begun.

We plan to spend this summer just relaxing.  I've lessened some of my summer responsibilities so I can fully enjoy time with my family.  We plan to do lots of reading, enjoy Sonic's Happy Hour, and not have every single day planned out.

We already started the summer with a slumber party.  The kids used the chaise lounges in my bedroom as their "beds".  We watched a couple movies, ate popcorn, and stayed up late.  Thankfully, we were also able to sleep in the next day...which resulted in waking up at 6:30. Ha!  We'll work on it.

Of course, the whole family worked on our annual Summer Fun List for this year and it's already posted on the fridge.

Some things to check off this summer includes:  buy a new board game, attend a baseball game, summer movie camp, go out for breakfast, make homemade ice cream, and visit the ocean.  We are all excited to complete our list and gain new memories.

What do you have planned for this summer?