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Friday, August 10, 2012

Branson Travel Reviews: Part 4

Hands down, my favorite show EVER!!!  This show started in my area and I know some of the people involved with it.  They were on America's Got Talent and the wives of one of the tenors runs a children's theater a few miles away from me.  I don't even know how many times I've seen this show, but it never gets old.  When I saw they were going to be in Branson the same time we were, I couldn't wait to take my kids to see it for their first time.

These 3 men are all classically trained tenors, performing at opera houses around the world, and have THE most amazing voices.  The show is full of silly humor, but the singing is phenomenal!

We sat in the 3rd row to the left of the stage, but had a great view.  I don't even know how many costume changes they go through, but it's hilarious.  Can you guess what song they are singing with these outfits?

Long live the King, even through Rednecks.

My daughter's favorite part of the show.  They are singing "You Light Up My Life".

And then, it went dark.  In the theater world, when you hear the expression "Broadway goes dark", it means there are no shows playing for whatever reason (weather, political reasons, in honor of someone).  Well, the Wednesday night we saw this show, the Branson strip went dark and not on purpose.  Just before intermission, all the power went out in the theater.  At first, we thought it was something new to the show, but all techies started coming out with flashlights and telling us the generator that had been running because of a storm had a hose bust.  Just so happened the storm affected most of the other shows in the area as well.

The great thing about these actors is they're great ad-libbers.  The guy in the orange is the writer and creator of the show.  He came out and talked to us, joked with us, told stories, and said they would do some a capella singing for us.  We actually turned the flashlights on our phones and shined them their direction so they could kind of see us.  They still sounded phenomenal!

We were told we could come back and see the show another night for free or see any other show playing in the theater.  That was a very easy decision for us.  We came back the next night for free and sat second row in the center.  Great seats!!!!

This is the narrator of the show.

Love the short shorts.

Doesn't this just look funny?

My son's favorite part of the show.

At the end of the second act, they come out as themselves and sing.  I get chills every time.

They tour all over the place and is a must see!!!

Showboat Branson Belle
This paddleboat dinner and show is a family favorite.  It's the one thing the kids talked about doing again since we were on it 2 years ago.  Once again, we got front row seats (thank you to our Welk reservationist!) and enjoyed our close-up view.

The dinner was delicious.  This is the kids meal:  chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and green beans.

This is the adult meal:  chicken with cream sauce, beef tips, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Plus, everyone got a corn roll, salad, and unlimited lemonade, tea, water, or coffee.

The kids dessert:  vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup, chocolate cookie crumbs, and gummy bears.

The adult dessert:  key lime pie with a layer of raspberry filling, whipped topping, and drizzled with caramel sauce.  It was all soooo good!!!

There was a pre-show during dinner and then we were free to roam the boat until the  main show started.  The views were amazing.

The kids loved watching the big paddle.

The main show was very entertaining with the Showboat Band...

...a jazz piano player...

...a violinist...

...and the Showmen Singers.

Great food, great entertainment, and we enjoyed it all.

Montana Mike's
We asked the concierge at our resort for her recommendations on a great steakhouse and this is the name she said immediately.  So, we thought we'd try it out.  I wish I got pictures of the food because it was so good.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  The portions were very generous, the food was fantastic, and the restaurant had a great atmosphere.  Craig got the 8 oz sirloin and said it was tender and juicy.  Kaitlyn and I shared chicken smothered with bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and a honey mustard sauce.  So delicious and we were so full!  But you'll have to do a long workout to burn off all those calories.

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