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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Branson Travel Reviews: Part 3

For a really fun afternoon show, we decided to check out Buckets N Boards.  It's 2 guys that have their own percussion routine and it was A-MAY-ZING!!!!  We were lucky enough to get front row tickets so we got to see everything up close.  They were entertaining, funny, and so talented.  I really hope they tour in Texas.  It's something we all want to see again.

They played on buckets (hence the name)...

...they played recorders, with their noses (BTW, the one in the blue offered me one of his recorders after sticking it in his nose-I declined)...

...they played a neon drum set, in the dark, while wearing a neon wig and glasses...

...they played an entire song using squeaky dog toys...

...they got serious and played guitars and sang some sentimental songs...

...and they danced.

This review does not do the show justice.  Go to their site or Facebook page and see if they are touring to your city.  It is a must see!!!!

Grand Village Shops
More shopping!  Branson is full of unique little shopping areas and this one is my favorite.  It's a bunch of little specialty shops that surround a beautiful, quiet courtyard.  Right in the middle is the Big Rocking Chair.  So cute!

My favorite store is Kringle's Christmas Shop.  It takes up 3 store spaces and has every kind of Christmas decor that you can imagine.

They had a clearance table (YES!) and I found 4 of these black and silver striped ornaments.  They were originally $3 each and marked down to $1.50 each.  I snatched them up because they would go great with my white Christmas tree.  When we go to the register, they were marked down another 80%!!!  I bought all 4 ornaments for $3.  I love great deals like that!

Mel's Hard Luck Diner
One of the restaurants in the Grand Village Shops is Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  A 50's inspired diner, it offers something very unique as you enjoy your meal.

The servers sing!  And not just walk around singing for fun, whatever song comes to mind.  An instrumental track starts playing and they all take turns walking around, with a mic, singing a song.  They've all recorded their own CD's, so it's a way to promote their music.  Some sing just show tunes, another sings Disney classics, and lots of them sing Christian or Gospel songs.  My favorite part is when one female server started singing "Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone", 2 more servers sang harmony, and they would stand still and just praise God while singing.  In the restaurant!  With customers watching!  I love seeing people boldly sharing their faith like that.

There's a fun gift shop full of unique antique and 50's items, as well as CD's from all the servers.  It's something definitely worth checking out.

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