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Monday, September 24, 2012

Craft Room Confessionals: Completed

I LOVE my craft room!  It is decorated how I've always wanted and it's inspiring and cozy and I could spend all day in there.  FYI, I enlarged all the pictures so you can get a good look at them.  Just ignore the margins.  :)

After my hubby painted the walls, it took awhile to decide if I wanted hanging shelves or bookshelves, etc.  Target had a deal on their 5-shelf bookshelves so I decided to buy 3 of them. 

Once those were built, I was so excited to pull out the totes of all my decor that have been stored away for years!

Here are the shelves!

I love vintage Hollywood.  I've always been a fan of old Hollywood movies and decor.  I am a HUGE Wizard of Oz and Elvis Presley fan, so I got to mix it all in with some modern decor.  I chose a black, white, and red color scheme to go along with the gray walls.  Let's take a closer look at some of the shelves.

The 3 clear jars were a steal at Goodwill for $1 each.  They came with lids, but more on that later.  The cookie jar is something I got for Christmas about 12 years ago.  It's Dorothy's ruby slippers and her basket.

I used to collect Coca-Cola, but got rid of a lot of that stuff.  I can't collect everything!  I kept just a few pieces and the red matched perfectly.  I love Elvis tins!  The black and white round boxes and square baskets were all found on clearance at different craft stores.

The ceramic black and white dishes were originally $24 at Michael's.  I grabbed them when I saw them on clearance for $1.60!!! The vintage postage stamps make a nice decoration.

I saw on idea on Pinterest where you turn a wine rack into a yarn rack.  Brilliant!  I've searched consignment stores for a long time to find a decent one and found one just a couple weeks ago.  I touched it up with some black spray paint.  Remember those clear jars?  I spray painted the lids too. 

I have a great Wizard of Oz collection and these dolls are my favorite.  I've had them since high school and they've been stored away, in their boxes, for most of the time.  Now, I can proudly display them.

My two craft totes fit perfectly under my craft table (another refinish by my husband).  This tote holds craft projects, felt sheets, and lots of foam stickers.

This large tote is my gift tote.  It contains cellophane bags for every occasion, tissue paper, shredded paper, and lots of goody bag prizes.

This is the scrapbooking cart my husband made for me.  I can't wait to share the tutorial.  You'll never guess where we got the supplies.  This contains my Cricut, blank cards and envelopes, thank you cards, stickers, die cuts, and paper in every size and color (separated by color).  Plus, it's on wheels so I can move it around very easily.

Tucked in one corner is the desk, computer, and filing cabinet.  My parents bought me a black/white office set to match the room.  Since I'm very involved with music and teach it to preschoolers, I have a collection of CD's that I need to access easily.  The red board on the left of the desk is a magnet board a former student gave me with music note magnets.  Perfect match!

This is an old popcorn can that just happens to be in vintage Hollywood style.  I use it as my garbage can.  Everything has to match, right?

I just love the room.  Every container has some type of craft supply inside of it.  Since my parents also just bought me a label maker, I can't wait to make all the labels.  I also have lots of things that are waiting to hang on the walls.  I can't wait to share that with you!

This style is not for everyone and is definitely unique.  However, it fits me and will continue to inspire me over and over.


  1. So fun!!!! My craft room (aka The Bonus Room) needs some love! I may have to take some inspiration from here. Good for Craig for making your scrapbook station!!! Can't wait to see more about that!

    1. Glad it inspires you! Thanks for checking it out!


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