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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Organized Home

I have been in an organizing frenzy lately. I just feel like revamping every room and closet in my house to make it look more organized and clutter free. But it takes time and, sometimes, it takes money. But in the end, the look and feel of an organized home is all worth it!

I have a long hallway in between my kids rooms. I've always wanted to use that wall to display their different papers and artwork that they would bring home. I saw this wonderful idea and loved it! It's a storage frame with a hinged door. Just open the door and stick in the artwork.

I saw this beautiful organized pantry and wanted the same look.  Everything is placed in a clear labeled jar or container.  What doesn't fit in containers, goes into a basket.  Plus, check out the wall behind the shelve.  Love!

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

I plan our family meals weekly and wanted to find a cute way to display the menu.  This is so simple, so inexpensive, and will fit right inside my walk-in pantry.  The hardest part will be picking out the paper from all the options that are out there!


Old, boring laundry rooms are a thing of the past!  Now, I see all sorts of laundry rooms with beautiful paint colors, pictures, inspiring signs, and of course, lots of baskets and bins for organizing.  My laundry room is small and you have to walk through it to get to the garage.  It's time for me to make it look more appealing.  I can't wait to get started on this project.

I tend to forget what nail polish colors I have. This results in dried out, clumpy polish or two bottles of the exact same color. This is a great way to display all your polish and find what you are looking for very easily. I want to hang something like this in my walk-in closet.

For more organizing ideas, check out my Pinterest board. What are you going to organize in your home or office?

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  1. Organize?! Blah! If someone came & did it for me I might like it, but I don't got no time for that stinkin' organization :)


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