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Friday, June 15, 2012

Why I Blog

Recently, Facebook sent me an email offering me $50 of ad space for my Cars and Ribbons page for free!  I deleted it and thought nothing more.  Then, I got the email again and it said I still had the offer available.  As I looked more into it and did some research, the ad space would simply put my page out there in Facebook land and I could possibly get some more 'Like's' or followers.

I kept debating back and forth, is this something worth doing?  Do I want that many more followers?  How big do I want this to get?

Then, I read this post from my friends blog Crafty Texas Girls.  It was all about Facebook and advertising and paying them, etc.  It revealed even more things that I was absolutely not aware of.  All of my questions were suddenly answered.

I do NOT want $50 of free ad space from Facebook.  In fact, I'm not trying to become this huge blogger that everyone is talking about.  No, I'm just sharing yummy recipes, easy crafts, and inspiring others to try something new.  If I get more followers by doing this, that's great!

I've always encouraged my readers to tell someone about my Cars and Ribbons blog and I've asked friends to become followers on Facebook.  However, whether they decide to take those steps or not, I'm still going to write about whatever creative idea comes to mind.  I may not post every single day or even every week, but please know what I do is simply out of love and for the fun of learning.

So, if you are one of my followers through my craft blog Cars and Ribbons, my family blog The Suburban Kelley's, my Facebook pages, or my Pinterest boards, thank you soooo much!  YOU have inspired this post.

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