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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Wreath

This was the most time consuming project ever! I'm noticing a pattern on the projects I pick out. I originally saw a heart shaped wreath made of red felt circles on It was very pretty so I thought I would try my own variation and make one for Spring. It took forever!!!!

I picked out 5 different "Spring" colors in felt sheets and bought several sheets of each (4/$1 at Hobby Lobby). Then, I cut out about a million 3" circles from the sheets. Fold the circles in half and then fold again. Get a straight pin and poke it through the corner of the circle. Pin it to a foam wreath. Repeat over and over and over...

Here's a closer look. I just fluffed out the circles a little to give it a "full" effect. I pinned a ribbon to the back to hang it to my door. It's a very simple project but takes time. I like how it turned out.

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