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Friday, April 6, 2012

On The Red Carpet

Being involved in the community and meeting new people can always lead you into new adventures. I have a friend named Lindsey that has a company called Fast Easy Bread. Our children attend the same school and I've gotten to know her through different school events. I think Lindsey is fabulous! She knows about this blog and thought I would be interested in attending a Food Network event. Would I?!?! Of course, I'd be interested!

I invited my brother to come with me and we were going to be seeing the premier of a Food Network documentary called Hunger Hits Home, about the childhood hunger crisis in America. Click here to watch a clip.

This wonderful backdrop was set up outside the Magnolia Theater in Dallas. There was a red carpet set out too. Hmmm...I wonder why that was there?

Why look! It's Sandra Lee from Semi-Homemade!!!

Sandra Lee is involved with the charity Share Our Strength, a national non-profit that is ending childhood hunger in America. This charity is involved with the documentary and Sandra Lee is the spokesperson. I was told I could interview her for this blog!!!! I was beyond ecstatic.

She walked the red carpet and all the "press" stood behind the rope to interview her. My brother was the videographer/photographer as I asked questions. I had 2 pages worth of fun and serious questions, but unfortunately, I was only able to ask her 2 questions. I can't get my video to upload yet (grrrr!), but here is a modified transcript:

ME: You have a very succesful show, Semi-Homemade, on Food Network. What do you think has made it so successful?

SL: I think it's successful because it's different and unique from everybody else's show. It gives a lot of information in a very short period of time. The cocktail time is very popular, the tablescapes are popular. There's always a reason to enjoy life. We're all here to focus on Food Network's message and documentary that's coming out on April 14, which is called Hunger Hits Home. It addresses the hunger issue that we have in the United States right now.

ME: I read your memoir and you had a difficult childhood growing up. Do you think that is why you are so involved with charities like this?

SL: Absolutely! In fact, when I found out about Share Our Strength, I was on the board of UNICEF, the Los Angeles chapter, which I founded. When I realized what was going on right here domestically and Food Network got involved with Share Our Strength and Parade Magazine, which I'm a contributor, got involved with Share Our Strength, and the Great American Bake Sale, they also let me come on board and be their spokesperson.

It was pretty cool to interview her, but I was nervous. I had to alter my questions at the last minute, but I was proud that I didn't ever look at my notes. She was dressed very casually and thoroughly answered everyone's questions.

We then headed inside The Magnolia for a cocktail reception while we waited for the documentary to start. Once inside the theater, I got to sit in a special section reserved for "press". It was kind of a surreal moment. Before the screening, Chuck Scoffield, from Share Our Strength, and Sandra Lee spoke about why they are so passionate about this worthy cause.

It was a very interesting documentary, narrated by Jeff Bridges, about 3 families in America, and their struggle to provide adequate food for their children. As much as some of us may dislike Ramen noodles, that very food is helping to prevent children from starving. Check out the documentary airing April 14 on Food Network. Then, think of what you can do to wipeout hunger in America by 2015.

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