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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Mugs. Everyone has them. I use them for coffee and hot tea. My husband uses them for hot chocolate. Fill them with chocolates, tea bags, or cookies, and they make a wonderful gift.

This is my favorite mug. It's from the new Alice In Wonderland movie and I bought it on clearance at the Disney Store. I'm not a fan of that movie, but I love the colors and design of the mug. Specific characters, designs, or colors that match someone's particular taste can make a great gift.

Simple mugs like these are inexpensive and easy to find. The mug on the left was only a couple dollars from a retail store. The Christmas mug was only $1 at a craft store. I received them both as gifts and were filled with chocolates and chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

Another great mug idea is to personalize it with pictures. I gave my husband and father mugs with pictures for Christmas. There are many photo sites where you can simply upload pictures, pick a background, add text, and you're done! Also, any photo center offers the same thing. If you keep an eye out for photo deals, it will cost next to nothing to make a personalized mug.

When my husband's family gathers for the holidays, I always try to pick the same theme for gifts for all 7 nieces and nephews. This year I decided to give them each a mug filled with a treat. I wanted to pick plain white mugs that my kids can personalize with markers. I found this box of 8 mugs for $8 at a discount store.

The mugs were exactly what I was looking for!

I purchased these paint markers at a craft store using a 40% off coupon. Then my kids personalized each mug for their cousins.

I placed a packet of hot cocoa and Christmas cookie in a cellophane bag and placed them in the mug. They were a hit!

The cost for this gift was $1.31, not including the cost of the paint markers. Check out dollar stores, discount stores, and retail stores, and you're sure to find a bargain on some pretty awesome mugs!

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