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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cellophane Goody Bags

Ever since my kids were in preschool, I enjoyed making goody bags for their classmates for different special occasions. Back then, I only had to make a handful of goody bags. Now that they're both in public school, there are 22 kids in each of their classes. That means a lot of goody bags. That also means I need to make the goody bags without spending a fortune.

Start with cellophane bags. I usually buy them on clearance after each holiday. They're not expensive to begin with, but I rarely like to pay full price for anything. Sometimes, thrift stores will also have brand new cellophane bags for a really good price. Don't ever forget to check out your local dollar store. They always have some cute bags for different holidays.

I found these cute candy cane bags at our local closeout store for $1.25/30 bags. They also came with these round cardboard tags. Love it! I used these for my kids classmates.

So, what do you put in goody bags? I try to stay away from the little cheap toys that will break easily or just get thrown away. I usually stick with items I know the kids will use. Over the years, I've collected TONS of different holiday pencils. Kids always love getting new pencils. Again, dollar stores have packages of 12 pencils/$1. Here's my stash.

Stickers, bubbles, bookmarks, those are things kids love. Party supply stores and dollar stores (notice a trend) have big books of stickers for about $1. I like to order in bulk from sites like Oriental Trading. Usually, their price per item is very cheap.

For the Winter Parties at school, I knew the kids would be getting lots of little gifts and goodies from their teachers and classmates. So, I wanted to make something simple and small. In each bag I placed a packet of hot cocoa ($1.25/10) and a Christmas cookie ($1.25/8). With the cost of the cellophane bags, each bag cost $.31!!! Since I had to make 44 bags, it cost me $13.64 for all of them! Now, that I can handle.

I also put the same items in bags and placed in mugs for our nieces and nephews. It's great to do for teachers as well.

Whatever type of cellophane bag you are looking for, it's usually easy to find. Just fill with a few goodies and you're done!

Here's a closer look at some treat options.

You can tie the bags with the little wire ties that come with the bags or use some pretty ribbon or twine. Or be really creative and staple cardstock to the top with a pretty label.

Goody bags can be fun to make and very inexpensive. Remember to always check your local dollar store for great deals.

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