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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pepperoni Quesadillas

For New Year's Eve, I made one of our favorite finger foods (say that 3 times fast!)-pepperoni quesadillas.  These are so quick and easy to make, not to mention delicious!

You just need these 4 ingredients:  butter, tortillas, cheese, and pepperoni.

Butter one side of two tortillas.

Place one tortilla, buttered side down, on a heated griddle or skillet.  Cover tortilla with your favorite shredded cheese (I like to use sharp cheddar or colby jack cheese).

Add pepperoni slices (I prefer deli-sliced pepperoni) and top with just a little bit more cheese.  

Finally, add the top tortilla with the buttered side facing up.  Cook on both sides, until tortilla starts to brown and cheese is nicely melted.

Cut quesadilla into slices and ready to serve!  

Pepperoni Quesadillas
Shredded cheese
Pepperoni slices

1.  Butter one side of tortillas.
2.  Place one tortilla on a heated griddle or skillet, buttered side down.
3.  Cover tortilla with shredded cheese, pepperoni slices, and a little bit more cheese.
4.  Top with second tortilla, buttered side up.
5.  Cook evenly on both sides, until tortillas are browned and cheese is melted.
6.  Transfer to cutting board and cut into desired slices.
7.  Serve with sour cream or salsa.

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