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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Creation is such a fun Bible story to teach.  As you teach the kids all that God has created, it is easy to be fascinated yourself at the artistry of God.

I like to break down the days of Creation and teach one day at a time.  This really helps the kids grasp the Bible story and memorize the sequence of events.  Since I teach Chapel only 2 days a week, I use a month to teach Creation like this:

Day 1-Light
Day 2-Water and Sky
Day 3-Land, plants, and vegetation
Day 4-Sun, Moon, and Stars
Day 5-Animals in the sea (fish), animals in the air (birds)
Day 6, Part 1-Animals on the land
Day 6, Part 2-Adam and Eve
Day 7-Rest

The best resource I have found for explaining each day can be found at here and here. Simple illustrations for each day is easy for children to comprehend.  I like to draw each day on a dry erase board in my classroom.  Then, on the very last day, we learn about the day God rested and we review the other days.  I also pass out an 11 x 7 piece of white paper, folded into thirds, and have the kids draw along with me as we review.  It's so interesting to see what the kids draw.

Keep it simple and fun and it will be easy for the kids to comprehend.

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