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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Banner

Easter is early this year!!!  I decided to completely skip decorating for St. Patrick's Day and go straight for Easter.  My friend, Janelle, showed me how to make a cute Valentine's banner for my mantle, so I followed the same basic steps to make an Easter banner that I found on Pinterest.

Here are the supplies needed:  an old book that you can use to tear out pages, twine or tulle, distress ink, colored cardstock, and an egg template.

I tore out 5 pages from the book I found at a second hand store and trimmed the edges to make them even.

Gently fold the pages in half and trim one side at an angle.

Punch two holes at the top of the paper.  I put a piece of clear tape towards the top of the pages on the back side before punching the holes.  This helps prevent the paper from tearing when hanging from the tulle or twine.

Now, is the fun part.  If you've ever used any Tim Holtz products, you know how much fun it can be and all the different projects you can make.  I've used the alcohol ink and this project calls for Distress Ink.  You can use any color of your choosing.  I chose the Stormy Sky.

Gently rub the edges of the paper with the Distress Ink.  Be sure to have paper or a craft mat underneath your project.

I traced the egg template onto 5 different colors of card stock and used double-sided tape to attach them to the pages.  I decided to use twine to thread through the holes.  I placed the banner on my mantle and am now ready for Easter.

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