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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dates of Love

We just celebrated Valentine's Day and I wanted to make something special for my husband.  I saw these signs on Pinterest that list the important dates throughout a couples journey.  I love it!!!  

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

I decided to make my own to customize and give to my husband.  I'll admit, I did have to look back on the older dates to make sure I had them correct.  ;)

For our sign, I used Bodoni font in black at size 56.  For each description, I used Ballpark font in red at size 28.  Just play around with it to see what you like best.  The more dates you have, the smaller the font size.  The Scripture at the bottom of the sign is a verse that has inspired our relationship since we began dating.

I printed the sign on white cardstock.  I bought a white mat with black trim that fits an 8 x 10 size picture.  Then, I put both of them in a black 11 x 14 frame that I got for half price at Hobby Lobby.

That's it!!!  So easy and so special.  It was the perfect present and I can't wait to hang it up.

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