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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Branson Travel Reviews: Part 1

We spent 5 days in Branson, MO recently and enjoyed the time away.  I've had lots of people tell me that they have either been to Branson or would like to go someday.  Hopefully, over these next few postings, your mind will be swayed even more one way or the other.

We stayed at the Welk Resort, named for Lawrence Welk.  There are several locations across the country.  We always get a package that includes a breakfast buffet for each morning of our stay, tickets to a show of choice for each night of our stay, a $25 gift card to be used at the resort restaurant, and a Welcome package.  It is a great deal and you can customize it how you choose.

This is the outdoor walkway that leads to the restaurant.  Across from the restaurant is the Welk Theater that is currently playing a live version of The Price Is Right.

There's an onsite miniature golf course.  We didn't get a chance to play this time, but it is fun.

This was our welcome package:  an insulated cooler full of lots of goodies.

There's a Splash-a-torium that is indoor/outdoor.  The kids love spraying water everywhere.

This picture of the indoor waterslide doesn't do it justice.  The indoor swimming area is beautiful with a pool that connects to a lazy river that goes to the indoor pool.  There's also a hot tub inside and a hot tub outside.  Different times of the day, the Splash-a-torium is full of families participating in water games, scavenger hunts, snacks, crafts, and various activities.

We opted for just a regular room with 2 queen beds, but lodges are another option too.  Preston liked to build a fort using all the pillows.

Dixie Stampede
The Dixie Stampede is one of three locations and was founded by Dolly Parton.  It's a family friendly country show with lots of singing, dancing, animals, and a four course meal.

As you walk into the building, you pass by all the stables full of gorgeous horses.  Preston loves waving at animals.   The show also had buffalo, pigs, longhorns, and doves.

One of the show's performers is grooming her horse before showtime.

No, these 3 are not part of the show.  :)

Here's a peek of what it looks like inside.  It's similar to Medieval Times, if you've ever visited one of those places.  You get a great view no matter where you sit, you eat while watching the show, and no utensils are used.  Plus, if you arrive early, there's a very entertaining pre-show.

We were very entertained and had very full tummies by the time we left.

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  1. Wow that looks great. I bet the kids had so much fun. Thanks for sharing.


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