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Monday, May 19, 2014

Patriotic Letters

I was inspired by this DIY patriotic craft and set out to make my own.  It was incredibly easy and very inexpensive.  Plus, it took no time at all to make!

3 5x7 frames (Dollar Store)
3 5" wooden letters ($.99 at any craft store-can be cheaper if on sale or with a coupon)
Scrapbook paper ($1 each-can be cheaper if on sale or with a coupon)
Red Spray Paint ($3 from Home Depot)
Hot glue gun
Double sided tape

I spray painted the letters red and let dry.

I took the glass out of the black frames and saved them for a future product.

I found some sparkly blue paper that I measured to fit the frame.

Using double-sided tape, I attached the paper to the backing of the frame.  Then, insert it back in the frame.

Next, attach the letters to the blue paper using hot glue.

That's it!!!  You have a beautiful patriotic craft ready to decorate a table, mantle, or anything else you desire.

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