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Monday, January 14, 2013


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That sign just makes me laugh!!!!  To go along with it, here is an old book that gives helpful hints about doing household chores, all while wearing a dress and pearls.

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Or how about being excited over receiving a vaccuum cleaner as a present?  Actually, I did get excited over a recent purchase of a vaccuum cleaner, but have yet to use it.

Why haven't I used it?  Because my husband does all the vaccuuming and he said it works great! 

What chores do you just dread doing?  Dishes?

The never ending pile of laundry?

Scrubbing toilets?

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I could easily say I can't stand doing any of the above listed chores, but I would be lying.  I am very fortunate to split the chores with a husband that works long hours but still pitches in at home. He makes me coffee every morning, does all the ironing, cleans our 3 bathrooms and vaccuums our entire house.  He'll also pitch in and do some laundry and dishes when it's been a tough day or I've had a busy schedule.  LOVE HIM!!!!

The chores I do myself, I try to get done early in the day and as quickly as possible.  I make lists all the time because it feels good to check things off.  Once I've completed my tasks, then I allow myself to do things that I enjoy.

One chore I seem to never enjoy is the laundry.  It's not too bad to stick them in the washer and dryer, it's the folding and putting away that I never want to do.  However, my kids are now old enough to put away their own clothes so that is a huge bonus!

So what chores do you absolutely dread and how can you get it done quickly?  Do you do everything yourself or does your family pitch in as well?  Whatever way it works in your family, I encourage you to find a way to reward yourself when it's all done.  Find something that will inspire you to get it done.  Perhaps a dress and pearls is all you need!

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  1. Ed and I split a lot of the chores - I cook (love it), he cleans. I do laundry and decluttering, he dusts and vacuums (I vacuum from time to time as well). He often does the bathrooms because the fumes get to me. I, too, hate folding the putting away laundry, but I'm working on getting the girls better at putting things away.


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