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Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedge Obsession

With summer in full swing, so are cute summer styles.  Wedges are the big fashionable footwear right now and they are EVERYWHERE!  I didn't realize how much I loved them myself until I did a quick inventory in my closet.  I may have a slight obsession with wedges.

I have these 2 brown wedges that are similar in style and they're closed toe.  I wear them in the fall/winter with jeans.

Tan colored wedges makes it easy to match with just about any outfit.  The wedges in the middle of the picture have been with me for 11 years!  I never throw away fashionable shoes (unless they're falling apart) because they always come back in style.  The pair on the right were only $6 at Kohl's.

I always love a cute black pair of wedges.  These 3 pair are different styles and different textures.  Again, the pair on the right were only $6 at Kohl's.  I bought them at the same time I bought the tan pair in the above picture.

I love adding splashes of color to accessorize with my outfits, whether it's jewelry or shoes (my jewelry obsession is for another time).  I was wanting some red shoes to go with a navy blue summer dress I had just bought.  My mom found these red wedges at Ross for less than $20!  

Recently, I spend an entire Saturday afternoon, going to tons of different shoe stores, to find yellow wedges to match a yellow shirt.  I had no such luck.  A few days later, I was shopping in Target for some household items when I walked by the shoe department.  I just glanced at their back wall of 50% off shoes and something yellow caught my eye.  I almost ran towards the shoes, jumping over shoe boxes and dodging crying babies (not really, but it sounds exciting), to see if these were THE yellow wedges I had been looking for.  They were!  Not only were they in my size, but they were only $9!!!!!  Plus, I really love the look of the gray and yellow paired together.

So, yes, it's an obsession, but no, it's not a super expensive obsession.  I look for deals anywhere shoes are sold and I rarely pay full price.  I can't wait to add some more colorful wedges to my collection.  What wedges are in your closet?

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